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"It's just a little game, love. No need to get so upset." The teasing voice of Number X pierced the quiet air.
I glared at the pale blond man over the cards in my hand. "Shut it, Lux. You're making me lose my concentration."
"Teasing, teasing. Don't be so touchy." Luxord smirked, glancing down at his cards once again.

The two of us, Number VI and Number XII had free time on our hands and Luxord, being the little twit he was, suggested we all play a game of poker.
Larxene cackled, placing a hand over her mouth as she laughed. "This is so entertaining. Why don't we make it a little interesting?" She raised an eye brow at the three of us, resting her chin on her palm.

"How so?" Zexion looked at her, his face completely serene as if he had this game all figured out. He had the perfect poker face out of all of us. It pisses me off.
"With a little bet, of course." Number XII smirked, laying her cards face down, folding her hands in front of her face. "Though this one works in pairs."

I looked at Larxene with mild curiousity, also laying my cards down, Luxord and Zexion soon following suit. "Okay. Who's with who?" I asked.
"You and Zexion, against me and Luxord." Larxene flashed us a sadistic smile.
"And the conditions of the bet?" Luxord asked.

"If you two lose, you have to sleep in the same bed tonight, and vice versa if we lose." Larxene tilted her head to the side a little. "Do we have a deal?"
I scoffed and turned my head away. "As if I would ever share a bed with Number VI. And besides, we aren't allowed to have any physical contant with the opposite gender in Organization XIII. Sharing a bed would be breaking regulations and cause--"

"It's a deal." Zexion stated before I could finish my sentence. It surprised all three of us that he would agree.

I turned to look at the Cloaked Schemer with wide eyes. "W-Wha...? Zexion, did you forget to take your pill this morning or have you gone insane?"
Zexion narrowed his eyes but let my outburst slide. "Neither. I'm just mildly curious what would happen if Number X and Number XII were to share a bed. And already discovering most of Luxord's tricks, I think we have a fairly good chance at beating them." He looked at me and smiled a little. "Just trust me."

I paused at the smile he gave me, something about it just screamed mischeif. But it was too hard to resist when his smile was so serene and innocent. "Fine."

~Several minutes later~

"I hate you." I glared at Zexion, taping my fingers on the table angrily. "'I know his tricks, we have a good chance at winning' my ass! This game was rigged!"

Larxene cackled, throwing her head back as she laughed at our current situation. Luxord pulled a royal flush on us, and Larxene had a full house. "Nope, sorry darling."

Luxord just smirked, leaning back in his chair. "I wouldn't cheat, I'm an honest man." He said, placing his hands behind his head.
"Yeah right. Whatever." I said, standing up. "I'm going to bed. Number VI, stay on your side of the bed and we won't have any problems. Good night."
Before anyone could stop me, I disappeared through the darkness.

~A couple hours later~

I growled, tossing in the bed once again as I held the pillow over my head to drown out the loud music of Number IX's sitar. "Dammit, why can't he play that thing during the day when no one's trying to sleep?"

"Because he's an idiot?" Zexion asked, he was nearly hanging off the edge of the bed, his hands folded behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling.
"How the hell am I supposed to get to sleep? I have an important mission tomorrow. Stupid jerk." I growled lowly, rolling over so I could stare at the ceiling as well.

Zexion sighed and rolled over on his side, staring at me with his head propped up on his arm. "This is going to sound awkward, but I have something important to tell you."

I turned my head to him, my brows furrowed together in confusion. "What is it?" I asked, slightly annoyed. Zexion closed his eyes, his hair falling over that perfect little face of his. He was shirtless, his toned muscles and abs glistened in the moon light that shined through the small window. The blanket was at his waist, and most likely the only thing covering his 'friend' up, other then his boxers.

Zexion smirked when he opened his eyes, he reached over to caress my cheek. He was so gentle, I couldn't believe this was Zexion.
"What the hell are you doing?" I asked when he moved closer, his eyes were on my lips.
"You'll see. Just be quiet."

And then our lips collided. I wasn't sure if his lips were really cold or hot, but my lips tingled just because of his touch.

His eyes were closed as his lips moved against mine gently. Although mine were still wide open, I began to return the kiss, our lips molding together.
I could feel him smirk as his hand moved from my face to my neck then my shoulder, and slowly down my side to rest on my hip. He pulled me closer against his rock hard body, wrapping his arm around my waist to prevent me from pulling away.

This heartless man laying in my bed, it was hard to believe it was Zexion. He turned into a completely different person.
Zexion pulled away and stared at me, my eyes still wide with shock. He smirked and pressed his lips against my ear.

"I lost the game on purpose." He whispered.
Before I could answer, Zexion captured my lips once again, nipping and sucking every once in a while. He shifted a little, and soon was looming over me.

I stared up at him in complete shock, I couldn't believe what I had just heard. "Y-You what?" I asked, only causing that smirk of his to grow more.
Zexion leaned down and began to kiss my collar bone, searching for that one spot. "You heard me." He murmured against my skin.

"Get off me!" I growled, trying to push him away but to no avail. Zexion grabbed my wrists and held them above my head as he continued to search for that one spot.

"I've waited too long for this and now that I have a chance, I'm not going to let it slip away. You are the most beautiful, most heartless woman I have ever met, and I will not let you get away from me this time. I may not have a heart, but I remember how I felt about you when I did."

I bit my lip and shut my eyes tightly, was I going to be raped tonight? This wasn't Zexion, there's no way he would ever do this to me.

And just like that, Zexion found the desired spot. When he heard the sharp intake of breath, he smirked against my skin. He bit the tender flesh harshly, causing a loud gasp to escape my throat, followed by a low moan when he licked the sore area.

"Just relax. I won't be too hard on you."
Zexion loosened his grip a little when I stopped struggling. I wasn't sure when or how he did it, but both my shirt and bra were gone. He kissed down the valley between my breasts, spending extra time on each one.
Zexion kissed each of my breasts softly, then nipped on the tender skin of each one. His hands worked sinful dances along my skin, slowly going lower to the hem of my shorts.

"Z-Zexion wait." I said, grabbed his hands, forcing him to stop. He looked up at me with a hint of annoyance in his eyes, though when he saw my frightened expression, his eyes softened.

Zexion moved up a little until he could rest his forehead against mine. "You've never done this before... have you?" He asked, lacing his fingers with mine. I didn't answer, my eyes were closed tightly so I wouldn't have to face this man.

An audible sigh was heard before a cool hand was placed on my cheek. "Don't be scared. I won't hurt you."
"B-But I..."
"I'll be gentle. I promise."
I let out a sigh before I peeked my eyes open, only to meet his crystal blue eyes. He moved a piece of my hair away before his lips pressed against mine, this time more gentle. I didn't protest this time.

Zexion licked my lips lightly before he pulled away, moving to my throat. My hands tangled in his hair as he went lower and lower, until he reached my shorts. Zexion looked up at me and I nodded, he then proceeded to remove the shorts. As he came back up to my lips, his fingers played with the thin strap of my panties.

My hands were tangled in his hair as he kissed me passionately, hungrily. His kiss became more rough, more controlling, more needing. Zexion cupped the side of my breast and squeezed, causing a low moan to erupt from my throat. His other hand was on my hip, working its way past the thin material to my wet entrance.

Suddenly a burning sensation went through my body as two of his fingers rubbed that tiny little bump, my clit. I had to pull away from the kiss, my breathing becoming short and heavy.
"D-Don't stop!" I pleaded, pulling his hair as a wonderful sensation washed over me.

"I wouldn't dream of it." I could hear the smirk in his voice. He just loved seeing me like this, hearing my moans and pleads for him to continue.
Zexion pinched my left nipple and began to rub it harshly, his lips were on my right breast. All the while, his two fingers stimulated that little bump that caused so much pleasure.

I cried out his name, my back rising off the bed. I couldn't take it anymore, it was too much. My head was spinning and I was barely conscious when pure ecstasy washes over my body, wave after wave of pleasure hits me like a tidal wave. My moans were louder now, but they soon died down to soft whimpers as he tore the thin material from my body.

Zexion moved a little and before I knew it, he had removed his own boxers and positioned himself, prodding my entrance by pushing a little but not going in at all.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked.
My eyes were closed once again. I slowly nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck, awaiting the piercing pain that would follow his penetration.

Zexion stared at me a moment longer before placing his lips upon mine once again. He slowly moved his hips, his hard member penetrating me and tearing through my innocence.
It hurt, a lot. But with the pain came pleasure.

"It h-hurts." I whined, holding my eyes shut tight.
Zexion kissed my face over and over, moving to my breasts as he tore right through the tight flesh, until our groins touched.
"It'll go away s-soon." He breathed out, groaning a moment later.
Zexion couldn't believe how tight I was, it actually caused him a little pain from how tightly my inner walls held on to him.

Just like he said, the pain slowly disappeared. It was still there as he began to move in and out, but it was faint. I was in so much pleasure as he moved in and out slowly, I didn't even acknowledge the pain.

Zexion tilted his head to the side as he stared down at me, and slowly pushed in, knowing the pleasure engulfing me was suffocating.
"Like that?" He asked, that same smirk plastered on his face. He slowly increased his pace, going faster now and causing a knot to form in both our stomachs. My moans only made him want me more, and vice-versa.

Zexion covered my mouth again, his tongue flicking in my mouth and past my teeth, over my tongue. Despite the kissing, an impassioned cry escaped both our throats.

As his speed increased, the friction built up as well as our pleasure. My wet entrance only made it easier for him to slide in and out faster. He slid in and out faster then I could imagine, the tip of his member touched pleasurable places I didn't even know I had.
"Ah! H-Harder!" I whined, pulling his hair and wrapping a leg around his waist.

Zexion obeyed and bit my lip, his thrusts became faster, rougher and a lot more violent. All the while, our moans became louder with every single thrust.

"Ahh!" I screamed, moving my hips to match his rhythm. We moved together, in sync, which caused the pleasure to be that much more better. It was unbelievable! "Zexion!" I yelled his name, causing his lips to crash down on mine.

Tiny moans escaped his lips as the friction became too great for either of us to handle. The heat boiling inside the lower pit of my stomach became hotter and hotter, I couldn't bare it anymore. I tightened my hold on him and buried my face in the crook of his neck, moaning against his skin.

He knew I was about to come. The extra pressure he felt on his member deep inside me as I constricted brought him to the verge as well, and we came together, wave after wave of intense pleasure overwhelmed us.

Loud moans escaped both our throats before they died down to soft whimpers, our bodies still connected as we breathed and panted heavily.
I slowly opened my eyes to look up at Zexion's, his eyes were still closed as he tried to comprehend what he had just done.

"That wasn't just for fun... was it?" I managed to ask through my breathes, letting my arms fall down beside me as he hovered over my body.

Zexion opened his eyes and gazed at me for a moment before that same smirk appeared on his face. "Shh, be quiet." He said, leaning down to place a gentle, loving kiss upon my lips.

When he pulled away, and I opened my eyes, I found myself fully dressed and sitting in the same exact place I was when we played poker with Luxord. I looked around in a daze and found a few of the other members staring at me. Some with worried expressions, some with amused.

"What happened?" I asked.
"I don't know, you tell us. You just stopped speaking in the middle of a sentence and started staring off into space." Larxene said, leaning back in her chair. "You've been like that for 10 minutes. We were starting to get worried." Ooo I just wanted to slap her for the way she was faking her emotions.

I glanced to Zexion a moment, and blushed when I saw him smirk. He stood up and leaned over, his lips against my ear. "I'll be waiting." Zexion then walked away, leaving me dumbfounded.

"Just an illusion." I breathed out, looking at the other two. "Um... excuse me. I'll see you guys later!" I stood up and ran to my room where Zexion was awaiting my arrival.